Sermons from November 2016

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Christ The Solid Rock


Dave LeBeau is stepping in for Steve today.  Dave’s sermon is in Matthew 7 to look at the story of the wise man and the foolish man.  What man are you going to be the wise man who built his house on the solid rock (Christ) or the foolish man who built his house on […]

God Can Use Anyone


Steve’s sermon is in Judges 11 to look over the story of Jephthah.  With the election for the president of the United States of America coming up soon.   The candidates for the position are not exactly the most godly candidates in the world.  However, God can use anyone just like He used Jephthah in Judges […]

When I Am Weak That Is When I Am Strong


Steve’s sermon is in Isaiah 36 to look over the story of when Hezekiah comes up against Sennacherib king of Assyria who was trying to take over Jerusalem. When we are weak God is strong.  When we lean on yourselves we will fall but if we lean on God we will stand strong against any […]

False Teachers


Steve’s sermon is in Jeremiah 23 and other parts of the Bible to show where apostasy ends.  There were false teachers in Jeremiah’s day and there is also false teachers today in the world.  Which teacher are you going to follow the one, true God that teaches truth or the false teachers in the world […]

Zechariah (Part III)


Steve’s sermon continues a series in Zechariah in chapter 11.  The series is on how God remembers his people and promises to his people which is what Zechariah means (God remembers).